The following are some of the common questions we receive:

    ♦ What is required to sign up?

    We'll ask for your email, name and location. None of this information is shared with anyone.

    ♦ How much does it cost?

    There is no cost to sign up as a technology user. Technology providers are free for a limited time.

    ♦ Can I sign up as both a user and provider?

    Absolutely. In fact we encourage it. To do that, you will need two email addresses.

    ♦ Once I sign up, will I see advertisements or get email pitches from solution providers?

    - No. We have no advertisement running inside our platform, and technology users control what providers they interact with when they are ready for more information about a solution or service.

    ♦ Is my private data sold to other websites after I sign up?

    No. There are no cookies or web tracking. Teckedin respects your privacy and there is total anonymity.

    ♦ If I am a technology provider, do I have to pay per lead?

    Teckedin charges a flat fee to providers. There are no click-through or lead costs.

    Teckedin is a virtual company, working out of Colorado and New Mexico. Contact us at 888-290-1283 or