Our Purpose

To enable the learning and sharing of technology information.

We are not money-driven. That is why we chose to have no ads or click fees. Teckedin donates $10.00 for every user and provider that signs up to Code.org. "Every child in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science".

Company Overview

Our founder, after 25 years in the tech industry, saw a disconnect in how technology users learn about new technology and innovations, and connect with the vendors that can help them with their initiatives. Most companies, unless they are a large national account, will work with a reseller of a vendor. They will not work directly with the technology vendor.

Our two-sided platform was designed for both resellers and vendors to share their expertise and experience, in an even playing field. And to offer technology users a platform that is a cumulation of content and news.

Instead of having to visit numerous websites, you learn about new solutions and innovations in one place, saving you hours of time.

Users can save content to their personal vault and save vendors to their favorite list for quick retrieval. And if you choose to engage with a vendor for more information, you control that engagement.

Contact Us

Toll free - 888-290-1283 or info@teckedin.com