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Teckedin.com's Mission Statement

Dedicated to offering a valuable learning platform to both technology users and technology providers,

to protecting member’s privacy and time, and to opening up collaboration and connection with the technology community.

Our Reason for Being

Teckedin.com grew out of a small company that is a Value-Added reseller (VAR), helping customers automate their paper-intensive processes.

As both a technology user and VAR, we are thankful when we learn about new solutions that will help our company or our customers.

And since starting development of this platform, we have learned about so many solutions and providers that we never would have, in our normal daily activity.

We truly understand the importance of a customer working with the reseller/VAR that fits their culture, has the expertise and skills to meet their needs

and becomes a trusted partner to assist them for years to come.

With the influx of social media, internet advertising and email marketing, we begin to see where smaller technology businesses were losing visibility in the marketplace.

And end users were not necessarily getting connected to the reseller that was their best fit.

Staying true to our core values, during 25 years as a VAR, has shown us the importance of customer relationships and community.

There are a lot of small technology companies that have years of experience and expertise. We want the end users to meet them and learn from them.

And if an end user does business with a small company in their community, this is truly a win-win in our mind. And that is our main reason for being.

Contact Us

Toll free - 888-290-1283 or info@teckedin.com